Thursday, 23 June 2022

SWP supports

kramski ukraine aid

The money is given to the KRAMSKI Foundation, which has been opening its doors and gates to refugees from Ukraine every Monday since the end of March. We are located in the former Technology and Training Center (TAZ) of KRAMSKI GmbH and supporting the refugees in their daily lives with donations of all kinds.

The current work of the foundation aims at very concrete and personal help in direct contact with the refugees. For this reason, both parties have also agreed to use part of the donation as start-up aid for a specific family. In this way, the initial needs can be well covered and the worries of a mother can be significantly reduced, at least in this aspect. The remaining amount will go toward a targeted purchase.There are always requests and specific needs that cannot be met through the in-kind donations.

“We are very pleased to be able to support this great initiative and would also like to thank our employees who have made this campaign possible with numerous donations in kind,” says Herbert Marquard, Managing Director of SWP.

Since the warehouses are well filled at the moment, the hardworking helpers Marie Abbel-Rühl and Margit Schwengfelder will only be on site on Mondays to accept targeted donations according to the current demand and of course they will continue to distribute them to refugees.

Although the focus is on providing start-up aid for newly arrived refugees, our former training center has also turned into a meeting place for like-minded people,” reports Sabine Torres-Kramski.

An aid campaign that began as a one-time fundraising effort among KRAMSKI employees has since grown into a logistical tour de force and an incredibly professional, dedicated, and multilingual team.

Susanne Verweyen-Mappus (SWP), Sabine Torres-Kramski, SWP-Managing Director Herbert Marquard, Marie Abbel-Rühl, Margit Schwengfelder (left to right).


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