There are people and companies that define themselves by their performance. Others draw their self-image from their values and attitude. From our point of view, both belong together. These two, which also state our main guiding principal, flow together when working with us.


Perfection is a matter of character. How far are we willing to go for our customers? How fast do we put our name on our performance? How hard do we fight for every detail? Perfection needs skills and expertise. But above all, it needs personality.

With our corporate mission statement, we address four dimensions and make it our task to create real value for customers, suppliers, society and the environment.

Kramski Family

We are a real family business with more than 40 years of company history. Founded in 1978 by Wiestaw Kramski and now in the hands of the second generation, our entrepreneurial thinking and actions have always been shaped by the essence and values of the Kramski family.


We are happy to admit: Yes, we also enjoy praise! Throughout the many years of our company’s history, we have been able to enjoy numerous awards – we are truly proud of that! We always strive for the best for our customers, employees and the long-term success of the company – our awards confirm that.


Art, culture, sport, social affairs – as a family business, it is a heartfelt commitment for us to assume full societal responsibility in addition to our day-to-day business.


To us, knowledge, skills and abilities are the pillars of corporate success. We strengthen these with several collaborations, business and educational partnerships.