Who could have guessed in 1978 what a brilliant development would lie ahead of us? We had the pleasure of experiencing exciting and shaping great things. But we are even more thrilled that we, despite all our growth, have remained what we always sought to be: a genuine family business that does not see economic success as an end in itself.


Foundation of KRAMSKI GmbH in Pforzheim on 16th October 1978 by Wiestaw Kramski and Partner, each with 50% of the company’s share capital, totalling DM 50,000.


Start of production in rented facilities in Pforzheim.

First place prize in the start-up competition of the magazine “Capital”. The prize money of DM 30,000 was awarded to W. Kramski in February 1979.


First-time participation in the Essen Sheet Metal Fair (Blechmesse) with a research tool (“Grinding or eroding – which is better?”). Approx. 80,000 punched knob wheels were produced and given away to visitors worldwide.


Construction of a new production building in Birkenfeld and relocation to an own building.


Acquisition of 100% of all shares held by Wiestaw Kramski following the departure of the partner shareholder.


Outsourcing of the construction to rented premises on the Wilferdinger Höhe in Pforzheim.


Foundation of the subsidiary KRAMSKI Lanka Pvt. Ltd. in Sri Lanka in the Katunayake Phase III free trade zone.


Construction of an expansion building in Birkenfeld for administration and design engineering.


Start of stamped parts production in rented production facilities in Birkenfeld.


Groundbreaking on the greenfield site in the Wilferdinger Höhe industrial area (Pforzheim) in order to manage further growth in the new “Stamping Production” business area.


Relocation of KRAMSKI GmbH from Birkenfeld to the new company building in Pforzheim. Starting with 11 Bruderer automatic stamping machines for the production of highly complex parts.

Expansion of the production area in Sri Lanka and the start of construction for injection moulds.


Development of the High Precision Putter HPP 330.


Foundation of the subsidiary KRAMSKI North America, Inc. in Largo, FL on 20th September as a 100% subsidiary of KRAMSKI GmbH.

Start of construction for the first KRAMSKI GmbH reel-to-reel line in Germany.

Implementation of the SAP software R/3 at KRAMSKI GmbH Pforzheim.


Start of production on 2nd January 2003 in Florida, USA.

Start of production of the first reel-to-reel line for a plastic metal composite part at KRAMSKI GmbH in Pforzheim.

25th anniversary celebration on 17th October and the appointment of Andreas Kramski as Managing Director.


New shareholder Martin Bischoff (10%) joins KRAMSKI North America, Inc.

Establishment of KRAMSKI PUTTER GmbH.


Extension of another production hall in Pforzheim for plastic products and launch of 2 fully automated overmoulding lines for plastic metal composite production.


Relocation of KRAMSKI North America, Inc. to a larger production building and production start-up of the first fully automated reel-to-reel plastic metal overmoulding line.

Expansion of production capacities for plastic products in Sri Lanka.

Start of apprenticeship based on the German model at KRAMSKI Lanka Pvt. Ltd. including its own training centre.


Foundation of the subsidiary KRAMSKI Stamping & Molding India Pvt. Ltd. in Vellore, India on 11th March 2008 as a 100% subsidiary of KRAMSKI GmbH.


Foundation of the KRAMSKI PUTTER, Inc. subsidiary company in Largo, FL, USA.

Official opening of the subsidiary KRAMSKI Stamping & Molding India Pvt. Ltd. in Vellore on 6th July with simultaneous start of production of the first reel-to-reel project.


Laying of the cornerstone for a new production hall in Sri Lanka.


20th anniversary celebration at KRAMSKI Lanka Pvt. Ltd. with opening of its new production hall.

Laying of the first stone for an SAP-operated logistics and administration building at the Pforzheim location.

Purchase of a factory building in Pforzheim (Wilferdinger Höhe) and opening of the TAZ (Technology and Training Centre).


Move into the new logistics centre with administrative offices and a cafeteria in Pforzheim.

Commissioning of the SAP-controlled warehouse system.

Retirement of the company founder Wiestaw Kramski from the German management as planned at the age of 67.


Expansion of production capacities and toolmaking in the USA.


Award: KRAMSKI Stamping & Molding India Pvt. Ltd. receives the Bosch Award for “Excellence in Quality and Delivery Fulfillment” for the year 2016-2017 and is awarded as “Reliable Partner”.


Triple Anniversary Year at KRAMSKI Group:
KRAMSKI India celebrates 10th anniversary in May
KRAMSKI Lanka celebrates 25th anniversary in May
KRAMSKI Germany celebrates 40th anniversary in October

Expansion and opening of the production facilities with 3,805 sqm in October.
The total area in Germany is 20,032 sqm.

BGHM Safety Award on 7th December for an exemplary prevention strategy in work safety.


Certification of all 4 locations according to the quality management system standard of the automotive industry IATF 16949:2016.


Commissioning of 4 new fully automated plants for overmoulded stamped parts.


Installation of the VdS-approved OxyReduct® fire prevention system for active fire prevention through oxygen reduction in the high-rise warehouse.


Acquisition of shares of the subsidiary KRAMSKI North America, Inc. – 100% wholly owned subsidiary of KRAMSKI GmbH.

Kramski Family

We are a true family business. The founding family’s values and vision continue to shape our entrepreneurial image and actions to this day.


From a high-performance toolmaker to a manufacturer of the most sophisticated stamped and hybrid parts – behind this development lies a series of technologies that we master perfectly and in combination.