Quality management

“Perfection” is a word that gets used a lot. But it only gets interesting when it becomes measurable. All our services share the common denominator of maximum quality – guaranteed by a comprehensive approach to advanced product quality planning, ongoing certification of our processes, and the use of state-of-art and highly precise measuring technology.

state-of-the-art measurement

in an air-conditioned laboratory allows for a broad spectrum of measuring procedures under optimal conditions

System-based Quality management

allows for integrated monitoring of relevant criteria, from development, sampling, and tool construction through to series production

Early on use of measuring technology

implemented right from the equipment preparation stage forms the foundation of our commitment to quality

International structures

with defined standards consistently guarantee the highest level of precision and seamless quality management across sites

advanced quality planning

As part of the initial planning and coordination, we focus on high and consistent product quality. The basis for this is the definition of essential dimensional and functional tests during series production. This advance quality planning for prototypes, pre-series and series is carried out in accordance with customer requirements, including the creation of FMEAs and test planning in the CAQ system. Sampling can also be carried out according to PPAP, PPF or customer specific procedures - on request also via electronic data exchange. Wherever possible, all production steps are monitored directly and mostly automated in-line.

quality assurance

Striving for uncompromising quality and perfection is what drives us - ensuring consistently high product quality is our aim. For this purpose, we rely on the statistical process control of product and process characteristics in series production. Preventive maintenance and repair measures on tools and systems complement our continuous improvement processes. A wide range of measuring equipment of the highest precision, in-house developments for quality testing of supplied parts and state-of-the-art camera technology in the production lines integrate quality assurance in every phase of a customer project.

Measuring technology at Kramski

Quality to perfection

Our measuring technologies form the heart of our quality assurance processes. From the initial sampling through to series measurements as well as analyses of process and machine capabilities, our measuring equipment ensures that dimensional accuracy and product quality are inspected in detail. Our air-conditioned measurement laboratory includes a multitude of state-of-the-art, micro-precise measuring systems that allow for all (function-)relevant aspects to be meticulously examined.

Optical 3D scanning

Our ATOS 3D scanner allows us to digitize the surface of a component by means of high-speed strip projection. By combining this with a rotatable and pivotable measurement object clamping device, we can produce 360° scans of complex components in a high level of detail. These are subsequently evaluated using GOM Inspect Software. Using this method, we can implement everything from best-fit comparisons and CAD models to customer-specific measurement reports. Automated measuring processes guarantee a high level of repeatability and reproducibility of the measurement results.


CNC coordinate measuring technology

Our state-of-the-art measuring systems allow us to realize complex measurement tasks. We make use of optical, tactile, and multi-sensor measuring equipment. Together with product-specific clamping devices, this allows us to carry out measurements with complex requirements in terms of shape and position. To ensure that the measurement results can be reproduced irrespective of location, we communicate closely with our customers with regard to the coordination of measurements.

In-line camera inspection

Whether used in stamping and injection-molding technology or in cleaning lines, directly connected measurement and inspection cells expand our production lines and allow a 100% in-line camera inspection of customer-specific defined criteria. In addition, we employ a high-speed camera for the analysis of movement and installation or assembly processes, allowing us to quickly and efficiently inspect these processes and rectify any sources of error.


Cleanliness analysis

The fulfillment of the highest requirements in terms of cleanliness is a central component of our quality management system. We offer our customers the option of a technical cleanliness analysis of stamped and injection-molded parts as per VDA 19 and ISO 16232. At our test stand, we can perform various extraction processes, such as immersion, spraying, and ultrasonic extraction. The ensuing microscopic evaluation of the analysis filters allows us to differentiate between metallic and non-metallic particles as well as fibers.

Contour & roughness measurement

Plug contacts are an example of components that have high requirements in terms of their surface quality. For this reason, roughness and contour measurement is a fundamental component of our measuring technology. Our evaluations are always carried out in accordance with the requirements of current standards.

Supplementary measuring procedures

  • 100% visual inspections with stereomicroscopes
  • Product-specific inspection systems for supplied parts and end products, e.g., flow testing, spring forces, and optical inspections
  • X-ray fluorescence measuring systems for layer thickness measurement & material analysis of e.g., Au, Ag, Ni, Sn
  • Climatic chamber for thermal aging (-70°C to +180°C)
  • Leak tests
  • External partners for material analyses, e.g., REM/EDX, CT

Certified quality

Precision to perfection

We have our management systems regularly inspected and certified. This applies to all our locations: our commitment to quality is upheld at all our sites, not just at our company headquarters in Pforzheim. It is normal practice for us to comply with international standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and IATF 16949, among many others. We don’t stop at fulfilling these requirements, though – rather, we go above and beyond them in our pursuit of perfection and commitment to ensuring quality for our customers.

Stamping technology

Our core areas of expertise include the series manufacturing of highly precise stamped parts with the integration of various methods into the stamping process.

Injection-molding technology

Another of our core areas of expertise lies in combining stamped metal insert parts and plastic in semi- and fully automated series production.