Wednesday, 1 February 2023

maintain connection

We are pleased to welcome our Mayor, Peter Boch, to our company site.

Together with those responsible for business, city marketing (WSP) and the WSP business development, Mr. Reiz and Mr. Epple visited the company’s premises on the Wilferdinger Höhe.

First, however, the focus was on communication: as a family-owned company that has grown throughout the years, we have a great interest in constantly improving the general conditions for our employees in the urban area and see it as our task to point out potential for improvement and to discuss alternative solutions together with those responsible.

The success of our company depends largely on finding the right employees and retaining them. Attractiveness as a location is an important element here. But we also focus on investing in a company health management system, creating attractive conditions and, ultimately, cultivating our family-oriented corporate culture.

left to right: Jörg Carle, Sabine Torres-Kramski, Peter Boch, Felix Nußbaum, Oliver Reiz


If you have any questions or concerns regarding press and public relations, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Katja Quenzer.