Tuesday, 28 November 2023

For their loyalty to the company


On November 28th, 2023, the long-standing employees of the Pforzheim-based stamping and injection molding company Kramski were honored for their 10 and 25 years of service in a festive setting.

The Managing Directors and the Kramski shareholder family used the ceremony at the Parkhotel Pforzheim to personally thank those celebrating their anniversaries in 2023 for their valuable commitment and many years of loyalty.

A fact that can no longer be taken for granted in today’s dynamic working life and speaks volumes for the corporate culture of the long-established company. “Our employees are and remain the heart of our success,” emphasizes Wiestaw Kramski, founder and shareholder of the company, adding: “Each and every one of them contributes to making Kramski a place where innovation is created and the future is shaped.”

In the picture (from left. ): Wiestaw Kramski, Vanessa Hummel (10Y), Nico Axtmann (10Y), Jochen Bauer (25Y), Raphael Pfohl (10Y), Murat Öztürk (10Y), Norbert Schickle (10Y), Jörg Carle (COO), Andreas Kramski, Harry Bötcher (25Y), Markus Bischoff (10Y), Felix Nussbaum (CSO), Martina Buck (25Y), Alexander Granget (CFO), Alexander Adam (10Y), Renate Kramski. Further anniversaries: Oleg Bäcker (25Y), Alpay Ceylan (10Y), Emre Kaplan (10Y) and Roberto Latino (25Y).


Foto: Photo: Sabine Kramski-Torres


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