Thursday, 13 July 2023

Apprentices whet the appetite

for technology

Ludwig-Uhland-School visiting Kramski GmbH

On July 13, 2023, we were visited by 15 pupils from the Ludwig-Uhland-Schule (LUS) in Birkenfeld. We are always pleased to be able to inspire young people for technical professions and thus arouse their interest in manual work.

After a brief welcome, the LUS pupils were given an interesting company presentation. Our trainees gave a look “behind the scenes”, guiding our visitors through our production, training workshop and production halls. The direct dialog between students and trainees was intended to break down inhibitions and ensure an open exchange. In addition to a comprehensive insight into technical processes, modern production technology and exciting products relating to plastic-metal composites, the young people learned what it means to start a career in an internationally successful family business.

LUS and Kramski have been cooperating with schools for many years, with the aim of preparing young people even more specifically for their transition into working life.


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