Thursday, 23 June 2022

1. CFR Pforzheim


We are expanding our support: From now on the name KRAMSKI will be used, when talking about the home games of 1. CFR. These will take place in the KRAMSKI-ARENA, starting in the new season. The new stadium name will be visually visible by the first match day, at the beginning of August. Those responsible are currently working on this in the background.
The naming of the stadium was never the main focus. A sustainable cooperation and a common vision were. KRAMSKI has been supporting the 1st CfR for years. The new
sponsoring package is the result of good and productive talks over the
last few months. “Even though soccer has always been the center of attention, it is the overall package that matters,” states Wiestaw Kramski.

The 1st CfR Pforzheim shows through its variety of disciplines, the successful youth and inclusion work, the extensive voluntary commitment of the members and, of course, the sporting ambitions, such as successful association work, how this can look like.

However, the club also wants to continue to grow further connections and support the club to the best of its ability.” By intensifying this partnership, the club is taking another big step forward. ” says Torsten Heinemann, who conducted the talks with Kramski.”The 1st CfR is constantly developing, both in economic and in sporting terms.

“There is a lot of potential in the club: however, we all agree that this is not satisfactory in the long term. In the medium term, the goal must be the regional league, and to achieve this, it is necessary both to support players for further development through youth work such as creating a bond between the player and club. Well aware that sporting success can be attributed to many components, long-term and sustainable sponsorship agreements continue to be an important basis.”

We are very pleased to be able to gain the long-term loyalty of another important, very committed sponsor and supporter of the club in addition to our long-standing main sponsor, Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH,” said Markus Geiser, Chairman of the Board of 1. CfR Pforzheim.

Construction, work, and signage are currently in full progress at the new KRAMSKI ARENA.The new turf, which is just being prepared by the city of Pforzheim, fits perfectly into the picture: the best conditions for a successful start of the 1st CfR Pforzheim into the new season.

left to right: Chief Financial Officer Wolfgang Fischer, Chief Sports Officer Torsten Heinemann, Wiestaw Kramski, Chief Executive Officer Markus Geiser


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