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Whether leadframes, power modules, busbars oder connectors – electrical components play a vital role in an increasingly interconnected and digitalized world. Components for signal and power transmission are essential in almost every modern application and are becoming increasingly important thanks to innovative technologies. Electrical components are used in a wide range of applications, including power electronics itself, the automotive industry, telecommunications, industrial automation, medical technology and the entire field of renewable energies.


Mn. new registrations of electric vehicles worldwide (2022)


energy from renewable sources (10/2023)

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power modules per electric vehicle


growth rate in sales
of electric vehicles (2024-2028)

Sophisticated production processes for challenging components

Small, compact component geometries combined with great robustness and high power density are key challenges that need to be overcome in the production of electrical components. With our sophisticated high-performance tools and partially and fully automated production lines in stamping technology and injection-molding, we achieve cost-efficient and perfectly coordinated series production, even of complex components.


Large vertical manufacturing range
for flexibility & diversity

Our ability to realize different variants of components with short implementation cycles makes us your ideal partner to keep pace with the dynamic developments in the electronics market. Our flexible production concepts are designed for the combined processing of different materials and surfaces with refined punched edges. Using assembly technology, we offer significantly enhanced added value – realizing various components such as press-fit zones, protective caps for high-current applications as well as electrical resistors and springs.

Project-specific cleaning & cleanliness analysis

For the specific post-processing and finishing of surfaces, we carry out various cleaning processes on our state-of-the-art cleaning systems. This allows us to ensure the cleanliness of the surface. This is especially important for activated substrate surfaces, in order to guarantee optimum conditions for e.g. wire bonding, molding and gluing. Special cleanliness analyses can be carried out in our in-house laboratory to meet individual requirements.


Inspection and packaging processes
for the highest quality

In the final quality assurance stage, all customer-relevant dimensions are checked 100% to ensure the accuracy and quality of the components. For this purpose, we make use of our wide range of state-of-the-art measuring technology – supplemented by 100% in-line camera inspection. Once the inspection has been completed, fully automated packaging steps can be added. These processes ensure that all products meet the required standards and are provided in customized packaging for safe transport.

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