Tuesday, 20 December 2022

Christmas duration 2022


At KRAMSKI, we are closely rooted to the Pforzheim site. We are pleased to be donating to good causes in the region again this year. Donations totaling 7,500 euros will go to three charitable organizations based in the region at Christmas: 2,500 euros each will go to the Pforzheimer Stadtmission for its wide-ranging commitment, the Pforzheim Enzkreis Hospice and the Deutsche Naturheilbund e.V. based in Bauschlott.

The Pforzheim City Mission has a variety of commitments, including the youth, the family and people in need. “Their heart beats just as deeply for our city and the people who live in it. KRAMSKI is happy to support the many activities that bring people closer together,” says shareholder Sabine Torres-Kramski.

Equally, the valuable hospice work and palliative care of the Hospiz Pforzheim-Enzkreis, accompanied by many volunteers. Last but not least, the work and offers of the German Naturopathic Association, which has dedicated itself to the topics of holistic health and the sustainable commitment to naturopathy.

Due to current events, the Christmas donation was handed over without having met in person.

KRAMSKI has made it its mission to promote health, cultural interaction, education, the local cultural landscape such as the support of people in need. The company has already provided effective immediate aid with a donation of €30,000 to the campaign launched by Mayor Michael Schmidt of Neulingen to support the victims of the flood disaster last summer. In its foreign branches in Sri Lanka, India, and the USA, KRAMSKI also provides substantial support to orphanages, schools for the blind, food banks, and other institutions that are in urgent need of help.

The donation checks to the charitable organizations Hospiz Pforzheim-Enzkreis, Pforzheimer Stadtmission and Deutscher Naturheilbund are presented from left to right: Katja Quenzer, Martin Gengenbach (Hospiz), Martin Wezel (PSM), Wiestaw Kramski & Sabine Torres-Kramski


If you have any questions or concerns regarding press and public relations, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Katja Quenzer.