Mission Statement

Perfection is a matter of character. How far are we willing to go for our customers? How fast do we put our name on our performance? How hard do we fight for every detail? Perfection needs skills and expertise. But above all, it needs personality.


We stick to what we say, so that our products can deliver what they promise. Furthermore, we present things the way they are, address difficulties in time and never fail to be truthful – this ensures high quality, that our customers can rely on.


The thinnest bands, close tolerances, highly complex parts – with us, you automatically push beyond. The majority of our projects challenges technical feasibility. There is nothing more exciting than breaking through these barriers!


We are a family owned business. Our doors are always open, our communication is direct and awareness for individual needs and interests is central to us. We maintain this culture not only among ourselves but with our customers as well.

Holistic approach through experience

We have been working on projects across different industries and technologies for over 40 years. Such projects enable us to constantly expand our field of vision and ensure that we never lose sight of the bigger picture.


Working with us

Whatever we achieved as a business, we owe our success to our employees and especially our customers, who have placed their trust in us.

As a provider of excellent products and solutions, we support our customers in a holistic approach and advise with process- and project expertise in order to create perfect products in trusting cooperation. The constant expansion of our depth in value enables us to realize even the most complex projects with integrated know-how. Due to our international locations, we are not only close to our customers on a personal level but also spatially. Therefore, we can realize the worldwide most demanding projects together!


Long-term appreciation

Our desire for close and long-term cooperation is not only directed towards our customers. It is equally directed at our suppliers. We are aware of their contribution to our success, value it highly and would like to continue to push innovations together.

Whether privately or professionally – we strongly believe in the value of long-lasting relationships. However, this requires honest communication and a mutual commitment to uncompromising quality. Partnerships, that last for decades and help us all advance, are formed on this basis.


Our responsibility

Integrity and proximity go far beyond product promises or our way of serving customers. They influence our role in society worldwide.

If you wish for a peaceful society, you will have to make your own contribution to it. We are happy to live up to this responsibility at all our locations: from paying all statutory taxes and rejecting all forms of corruption and standing up against any form of racism or religious discrimination, to creating fair jobs across all age groups and supporting a wide range of charitable projects at all our sites.


active worldwide

Quality, innovation and holistic approach – our promise extends beyond the product to its entire creation. That is why we do everything in our power to avoid environmental damage and are constantly working on improving our environmental performance and energy efficiency.

It is probably due to the nature of a family-owned business to think in terms of generations rather than quarters. Our distinct concerns for the environment stem from this very reason. In addition to certifying all our locations to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001, we aim to involve friendly companies and our own employees in our commitment to the environment through a variety of projects, thereby increasing the effectiveness of our environmental activities.

Kramski Family

We are a true family business. The founding family’s values and vision continue to shape our entrepreneurial image and actions to this day.

corporate culture

Perfection needs personality. This guiding principle shapes our entire corporate culture and makes the appreciation of our employees the central element.