The managing directors of
KRAMSKI GmbH at a glance

Andreas Kramski

Andreas Kramski represents the second generation of the founding family. He is a certified toolmaker with a master’s degree and studied industrial engineering in Karlsruhe. From 1995 to 2000, he managed the first subsidiary, KRAMSKI Lanka, as local managing director. When the American subsidiary was opened in 2002, he also became the managing director of KRAMSKI North America Inc. Since 2003, Andreas Kramski has been the managing director and shareholder of the KRAMSKI Group.

Jörg Carle

Jörg Carle has been closely associated with the company since his apprenticeship at KRAMSKI. As a master toolmaker, he has held numerous responsible positions in the company over many years and in the summer of 2021, he assumed the position of Technical Managing Director of KRAMSKI GmbH. In this position, he is responsible for the areas of design, equipment construction and production.

Dr. Alexander Granget

Following his studies, Dr Alexander Granget began his career in 2000 at a Big 4 auditing firm. In 2008, he switched to the industrial side and worked first abroad and then in a medium-sized family business as commercial managing director. Since the beginning of 2021, he has strengthened KRAMSKI GmbH as the commercial managing director and in this role, in addition to finance and controlling, he is also responsible for the areas of human resources, IT and SCM.

The managing directors of our
international subsidiaries

Razi Ullah

After obtaining his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Razi Ullah began his career with KRAMSKI North America in 2011. His starting role was as a Manufacturing Quality Engineer, troubleshooting technical quality issues related to manufacturing. Since 2012, as Engineering Projects Manager, he was responsible for the management of all new projects at KRAMSKI North America. With his extensive experience in Sales, Quality, and Project Management, he was promoted to the role of Vice President in early 2019. He served in this role until January 2024, when he accepted the role as President of KRAMSKI North America Inc.

Andre Rapp

As a trained mechanical engineering technician, Andre Rapp worked as a design engineer before pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe in 2009 to complement his practical training. In 2011, he moved to the KRAMSK GmbH company site in Sri Lanka, where he held various technical positions before taking over overall responsibility for the subsidiary in Sri Lanka as Managing Director in 2021.

Srinivas Mani

Srinivas Mani, a trained mechanical engineer, began his career as a trainee at the Indian steel manufacturer Tata Steel. He then worked for major Indian as well as global players in the industry. In various functions, he focused on strategic planning, project and process development as well as central corporate management. In 2018, he took on the role of Managing Director for the Indian subsidiary KRAMSKI Stamping & Molding India Pvt. Ltd. and has since managed the company’s activities at this location.


From a high-performance toolmaker to a manufacturer of the most sophisticated stamped and hybrid parts – behind this development lies a series of technologies that we master perfectly and in combination.

Kramski Family

We are a true family business. The founding family’s values and vision continue to shape our entrepreneurial image and actions to this day.