Kramski Putter

The story began in the year 2000 with the inventive spirit of Wiestaw Kramski and his plan to build the most precise putter in the world. In the meantime, the private pleasure has turned into KRAMSKI PUTTER, the international premium brand that has firmly established itself in the tournament scene with its multiple award-winning high-precision putters.

High Precision Putter

KRAMSKI putters are the epitome for highest quality – made from high-grade materials and finished by hand. All putter models are characterised by the patented KRAMSKI line system for optimum aiming, a particularly large sweet spot and a forgiving grip.

Individual Fitting

Each putter is individually and perfectly fitted to the player and made to measure. The custom fitting (whether online or on-site) improves the interaction between putter and player, as the club head shape and weight, insert, lie, loft & grip size are determined and individually mapped.

“I couldn’t find the putter of my dreams. So, I decided to do it myself and to build the best putter in the world.”

Wiestaw Kramski

KRAMSKI Putting Academy

The optimum putting routine for an unerring short game is taught based on years of experience in professional golf. Whether in person at one of the national and international locations or in an online seminar at home – here everyone learns to putt perfectly following the KRAMSKI PUTTER “Mastering the Green” method.

Online Shop

The KRAMSKI PUTTER Online Shop offers everything for perfect preparation and performance on the green. Here you will find the full selection of putter models from all series, accessories and training equipment. Directly, conveniently and perfectly matched to each player thanks to the intelligent Virtual Fitting. The booking of Academy participation and the online Academy programme are also available right here.

Perfect putting with system

Discover the whole world of KRAMSKI PUTTER and learn to putt perfectly!