KRAMSKI Foundation

“If you wish for a peaceful society in your entrepreneurial activities, you must contribute to it yourself.”

Wiestaw Kramski

Our Topics

With our foundation, we want to contribute to the promotion of health, cultural interaction, education and our local cultural landscape. All activities by KRAMSKI Foundation thus focus on local projects within Pforzheim and the region.


As an essential part of our corporate culture, health promotion is also a focus of our foundation’s activities. With our projects, we aim to encourage prevention and nutrition as well as innovative therapies from the field of holistic naturopathy.


We promote equal opportunities for children, young people and people in emergency situations. Likewise, we support projects that contribute to a culture of diversity, exchange and open togetherness.


Providing broad sections of the population with access to knowledge is a particular concern of ours. This includes further education for all.

Art & Culture

Considering the tight budget situation in Pforzheim in particular, we support communal cultural institutions that make an important contribution to the quality of life in our city.


We can Do good together

You can support us in many ways: with a donation, by telling others or by sharing your ideas with us.

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Please feel free to contact us via email at any time.